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Forkedbit is a platform under the leadership of a highly qualified and experienced team from experts, professional traders and analysts.we are specializing in the trading, and investment of cryptocurrency market since 2016

Our team have been researching for the newborn coins we can get the maximum profit from the coin pump for our members.we give our clients the chance to invest with our smart plans profitably.

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  • Launching Official Forkedbit LTD PlatformMar 09

    we are pleased to announce that today's date has become the moment of the Forkedbit project official launch! .After ten months of hard work and dedication, we are delighted to officially announce the launch of our platform at 9March 2020.

Investment Systems Investment Systems


Up to 2.6% Daily

1.8% daily, for 7 days Deposit return
  • min - max: $10 - $100000
  • Early Principal Return: 9% fee
  • Total ROI: 112.6%
2.1% daily, for 18 days Deposit return
  • min - max: $500 - $100000
  • Early Principal Return: 9% fee
  • Total ROI: 137.8%
2.3% daily, for 28 days Deposit return
  • min - max: $1000 - $100000
  • Early Principal Return: 10% fee
  • Total ROI: 164.4%
2.6% daily, for 35 days Deposit return
  • min - max: $3000 - $100000
  • Early Principal Return: 11% fee
  • Total ROI: 191%

Up to 140% After 9 Days

115% after, 1 day Deposit included
  • expire date : 28 March 2020
  • min - max: $25 - $1000
112% after, 3 days Deposit included
  • expire date : 22 March 2020
  • min - max: $25 - $2000
Expired Date
140% after, 9 days Deposit included
  • expire date : 25 March 2020
  • min - max: $25 - $1000

Details: It is an investment plan for a specified period the plan is set for a certain period of subscription, and when this period expires you cannot subscribe but once you subscribe you get the return according to the duration of the plan.


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Early Principal Return

The capital shall be returned, in addition to the profits, to the period of the interruption of the investment and deduction of the percentage of fees.

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While insisting making our platform fully functional and informational. We strive to make it easy and simple to use We always maintain and make the best use of a variety and of cutting-edge technologies of our proprietary and licensed processes to solve our clients' challenges. We’ve put an extraordinary amount of work to develop and enhance this platform.

Limited plans

Premium investment plan for a period of time take the opportunity and invest now

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